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Fixing browser annoyances: Monday Productivity Pointers

Published by | Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Fixing common browser annoyances

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We use web browsers for just about everything today. You’re even using one right now to read this blog post. So we get frustrated when they don’t behave as expected. This week’s Monday Productivity Pointers shows you how to solve some of the most common web browser annoyances you may encounter.

I’m not talking about error messages or critical, show-stopping bugs, but some common problems that pop up when using web browsers frequently. For example, at some point in your web-browsing experience you may have typed the wrong user name into a website’s login form—and now every time you return to that site, there are two user names in the dropdown list: the correct user name and the mistake you wish would just disappear. In the first video this week, I’ll show you how to remove those mistakenly saved auto-fill entries or passwords that your web browser is holding on to.

Monday Productivity Pointers: Using Public Computers Safely

Published by | Monday, June 10th, 2013

It’s wonderful that I can go to a public library to use a computer—but there’s an element of vulnerability about it, too. Each day, hundreds of people will use the same computer that I just used. This week on Monday Productivity Pointers, I’ll give some options for public browsing, as well as some settings to consider for the various computers you may have.

For example, I maintain entirely different browser settings for my laptop, which I travel with and could easily lose, than I do on my desktop computer, which could only be used by someone else if they broke into my house.