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Shoot time-lapse videos with a GoPro: DSLR Video Tips

Published by | Friday, January 17th, 2014

Time-lapse frames shot with a GoPro camera

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Though known mainly for fast-paced action footage, the versatile GoPro camera is widely used for many different tasks. Because of its small size, you can mount it nearly anywhere to capture a variety of unique time-lapse shots. Join Robbie and Rich this week as they explore setting up and capturing time-lapse videos with a GoPro camera.

Create a high dynamic range (HDR) time-lapse movie: The Practicing Photographer

Published by | Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Creating a HDR time-lapse movie

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In this week’s installment of The Practicing Photographer, Ben Long combines two techniques that involve capturing the world in unique ways—ways that we can’t see with our eyes but that photography lets us bring to life.

One technique is high dynamic range, or HDR, photography. That’s the process of taking multiple shots of a scene, each with a different exposure setting, and then merging them into one photo that captures a broad range of bright and dark tones. Ben describes HDR in detail in his course Shooting and Processing High Dynamic Range Photographs (HDR).