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Author dinner: Mordy Golding, Mark Christiansen, James Williamson, and Taz Tally

Published by | Friday, February 12th, 2010

Taz Tally, author relations manager Megan O. Read, Mordy Golding, Mark Christiansen, James Williamson, supervising training producer Max Smith.

After a long week of recording, Mordy Golding, Mark Christiansen, James Williamson, and Taz Tally were let out of their booths for a little fresh air and a meal.

It’s inevitable, that when you get so many industry power-houses together, they will talk shop, compare histories, and brainstorm upcoming projects. It’s always a treat to hear about conferences from the past, like Mordy Golding recounting the ADIM (costume mandatory!) conferences, or different methods to slow down their speech in the booth (Mordy has a wall of snail images, stop signs, sloths etc.). But it’s also a treat when you find out that authors have crossed paths before, and hadn’t realized it until something triggers them—like Taz Tally (who now lives in Homer, Alaska) remembering James Williamson from a South Carolina service bureau in the late ’80s!

Stay tuned for upcoming training from these greats.

Dr. Taz Tally at

Published by | Friday, May 15th, 2009

Taz Tally in the recording space

Taz Tally in the recording space as he waits for his movies to render!

My first memory of Taz is from the late 1990′s when I observed his blurry figure running up and down a giant escalator as fast as he could in the lobby of a hotel where a photography trade show was taking place. Years later, when he first came to record video classes at in 2004, we invited him to our house for dinner. Bruce and I will never forget Taz showing up, covered in mud from a local hike he took after work, with a live caterpillar poking out of his curly hair! These two examples describe some of the many sides of Taz Tally. He’s a digital photography master, a fitness fanatic, sports a Ph.D. in geology, and  is a true mountain man who loves to hike and explore the wild.

Taz is currently recording a photography color correction course using Photoshop CS4. He pitched the idea to me of creating a fitness video sharing all the techniques he uses when traveling, working at his desk, or how to take advantage of every day situations and objects instead of gyms and cumbersome equipment. What do you think? Are we ready for fitness videos at