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Discussing HTML5 video and audio with author Steve Heffernan

Published by | Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

As part of our series of courses on HTML5, we’ve released a new course called HTML5: Video and Audio in Depth. I had a chance to catch up with new author Steve Heffernan to talk to him about this topic. Steve Heffernan is a web front-end developer with 12 years of experience, and an HTML5 video enthusiast. He has spoken on HTML5 video at the Open Video Conference, and is the creator of the popular HTML5 video player, VideoJS. He is also co-founder of Zencoder, a cloud-based video encoding service.

Q: What got you interested in HTML5 video and audio?
A: Years ago I built a Flash video player for the university I was working for. I enjoyed that project a lot, and learned a ton about web video in the process. While Flash is a great platform, I’ve always preferred browser-native technologies (HTML/CSS/JS), so when the opportunity came to use an HTML-based player I jumped on it. I was on a team in the ’09 Rails Rumble, and we were attempting to build a video platform in 48 hours. HTML5 video was still very young at the time and so probably not the best choice for such a time-sensitive project, but we got it working, and I’ve been working with it ever since.