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PowerPoint tips and tricks for business presentations

Published by | Friday, February 3rd, 2012

If your year is shaping up to include a lot of business presentations, PowerPoint Tips and Tricks for Business Presentations offers practical insider advice that will help you build painless presentations that convey your message in a way that is clear, meaningful, and engaging.

Author David Diskin starts the course with five quick tips you can use to make your PowerPoint presentations more effective, and continues throughout to offer his insights on ways to compose powerful, cohesive messages that resonate throughout your presentation. David also discusses how to apply successful slide design practices, ways to incorporate gestures, and suggestions for managing question-and-answer sessions. He closes the course with  a look at presentation skills, delivery tactics, and bonus tips to make your presentations run even more smoothly.

One of David’s favorite PowerPoint presentation tips is to add white space to your slides in order to make text more easily distinguishable and memorable.

For a sneak peek at this course, check out Sharing data with charts from chapter three (Successful Slide Design).

With David’s help and the right tips and tricks to guide you, you may be surprised by how fun a business presentation can be.


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