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Taking the long view on landscape photography

Published by | Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Last week, we published Photoshop CS5: Landscape Photography, a new course from Ben Long. Ben is a veteran photographer, teacher, and author. I’ve been reading his articles on photography and Photoshop for years, and my copy of his book, Complete Digital Photography, is as dog-eared as my dog’s ears.

True to its name, Ben’s course focuses on using Photoshop CS5 to make landscape photos look their best—to optimize their appearance and composition in ways that do justice to the original scene.

And because photography isn’t just about Photoshop, Ben and our live-action crew ventured into the great outdoors to shoot some downright gorgeous on-location movies that deal with everything from choosing equipment to shooting images for panoramas and high-dynamic range (HDR) processing.

If the phrase “landscape photography” makes you think of Ansel Adams taking a week to shoot a single photo using a camera the size of a phone booth, think again. All of us shoot landscapes when we’re on vacation or driving along a scenic road.

“One of the most important techniques a landscape photographer needs to master is the U-turn,” Ben once told me.

So whether you specialize in fine-art landscapes or simply like to capture the beauty of the world around you, you’ll benefit from Ben’s creative insights and exceptional teaching ability. Watch a few minutes of Photoshop CS5: Landscape Photography and let us know what you think. author Jan Kabili demos Photoshop CS5 features for Building 43

Published by | Friday, June 11th, 2010’s Jan Kabili was recently interviewed by Robert Scoble for Building 43‘s blog. In the interview, Jan discusses those Photoshop CS5 features she’s most excited about, including Content-Aware fill, Puppet Warp, and HDR Pro. Jan is the author of’s Photoshop CS5 New Features course.

New Artists’ Brushes from author John Derry

Published by | Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Sample painting by author John Derry, using his new Artists’ Brushes available for Photoshop CS5. author John Derry recently released a new set of Artists’ Brushes to work within Photoshop CS5. There are some really incredible examples of paintings done by users on his blog, as well as a preview of what these new Brushes are capable of.

John will be demoing these new Artists’ Brushes at the Southern California Adobe Technology Exchange in Long Beach on Saturday, June 19, and will be giving out a copy or two to lucky attendees. He will be co-teaching a Photoshop painting class with Russell Brown at the upcoming HOW Design Conference June 6-9. Class members will receive the brushes as a part of the class materials. There is still time to sign up for both of these events.

John will be back in the booths later this month and we can’t wait to share the new training he’s working on with you.

Over 17 hours of Photoshop CS5 One-on-One training

Published by | Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Join Deke McClelland as he explores such indispensable Photoshop features as resolution, cropping, color correction, retouching, and layers in
Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals. Gain expertise with his step-by-step processes and time-saving techniques using real-world projects that you can apply to your own work.

10 Adobe CS5 Essential Training courses released today

Published by | Friday, April 30th, 2010

Click on any one of the following images to view the trailer for that course:
Illustrator CS5 Essential Training Course Trailer Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training Course Trailer After Effects CS5 Essential Training Course Trailer
Encore CS5 Essential Training Course Trailer Fireworks CS5 Essential Training Course Trailer Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training Course Trailer
InDesign CS5 Essential Training Course Trailer Premiere Pro CS5 Essential Training Course Trailer Soundbooth CS5 Essential Training Course Trailer
Photoshop CS5 Essential Training Course Trailer

We’ve very excited to release 10 more courses into the Online Training Library® covering the products in Adobe Creative Suite 5: Illustrator CS5 Essential Training, Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training, After Effects CS5 Essential Training, Encore CS5 Essential Training, Fireworks CS5 Essential Training, Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training, InDesign CS5 Essential Training, Premiere Pro CS5 Essential Training, Soundbooth CS5 Essential Training, and Photoshop CS5 Essential Training.

Following the product announcement on April 12, released 10 Adobe CS5 New Features training courses, one Essential Training course, and a Creative Techniques course. There are now over 100 hours of Adobe CS5 training available in the Online Training Library®, with more being released in the coming weeks.

Photoshop CS5 Top 5: Painting Tools

Published by | Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Every day this week, we’ve been providing a close-up look at one of the new features in Adobe Photoshop CS5. We wrap up the week by examining what host Deke McClelland calls the “most ambitious innovation” in Photoshop CS5: its new painting tools.

In today’s installment of Photoshop CS5 Top 5, Deke demonstrates Photoshop’s bristle brushes, which simulate traditional paint brushes—the kind your local art-supply store sells—and its new Mixer brush, which lets you give a photo a painterly look. Along the way, Deke passes along a tip for customizing Photoshop’s interface—one of those little chores that can save so much time, but that so few of us do.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of Deke’s favorite Photoshop CS5 features. What features excite you the most? Which ones are you most interested in learning about? We’re interested in your comments, which you can leave below.

Needless to say, there’s so very much more in Photoshop CS5—not to mention in the rest of Creative Suite 5. For an overview of what’s new in Photoshop CS5, see Jan Kabili’s Photoshop CS5 New Features tutorial. If you’re a photographer, check out Chris Orwig’s Photoshop and Bridge CS5 for Photographers New Features tutorial. And to learn what’s new in all of the CS5 applications, check out all of our Adobe CS5 training on

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Photoshop CS5 Top 5: Puppet Warp

Published by | Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

With the new puppet warp feature in Photoshop CS5, you can bend images to your will—literally. Add control points, called pins, to an image, and then drag them to reposition parts of the image. Change the position of an arm, a leg, a lock of hair. Turn a straight pathway into a meandering one.

In today’s installment of Photoshop CS5 Top 5, Deke McClelland explores a feature he calls “fun to use, funny to watch, and extremely powerful.” Take a fifteen-minute tour of the Puppet Warp feature, then head over to check out all of our Adobe CS5 training to explore new courses and tutorials covering Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Flash, Premiere, and more.

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Photoshop CS5 Top 5: Refine Edge

Published by | Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Refining selections and creating masks are unglamorous but utterly essential Photoshop techniques—you’ve got to master both in order to perform tricky compositing tasks, such as extracting a person from an image and then adding a different background.

In Photoshop CS5, the Refine Edge command makes the process less tedious. In today’s installment of Photoshop CS5 Top 5, Deke McClelland shows it in action. Watch as Deke uses Refine Edge and its cousin, Refine Mask, to create a finely crafted mask that encompasses every strand of a model’s hair.

The Online Training Library® is full of courses for every member of the Creative Suite family. Browse our Adobe CS5 training to learn what’s new in Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere Pro, and more. And stay tuned, because we’ve got more CS5 training coming in the weeks ahead.

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