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The Carpinteria campus – where form meets function

Published by | Monday, November 18th, 2013

One of the many benefits of working at is the beauty and elegance of our Carpinteria headquarters, providing us not just an efficient, streamlined, and Green Business-certified workplace, but a constant source of visual inspiration as well. “A great workspace should be more than just comfortable for those who use it,” says founder Lynda Weinman. “High-quality surroundings should reflect and inspire a high-quality product—and that’s our hope for the facilities here at”

We’re proud to share these pictures of our facilities and show you where the inspiration, expertise, and hard work behind our courses originate. Interested in joining the team yourself and seeing our offices in person? Be sure to check out our job listings.


Office space

WordPress 3.6: What’s new, and why it matters

Published by | Thursday, August 1st, 2013

A few months behind schedule, version 3.6 of WordPress is out and ready for you to make the most of. The scope of changes in this release are relatively minor, but the updates are important and will help in your day-to-day work with WordPress. Here’s what’s new and why it matters to you.

Twenty Thirteen: The new theme standard

Since 2010, a new default theme has been released every year, and this year is no different. With 3.6 comes Twenty Thirteen. While the previous three themes—Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, and Twenty Twelve—got progressively simpler, Twenty Thirteen goes in a new design direction. It’s aggressively blog-centric with a heavy focus on Post Formats, and it’s a great example of the popular flat design trend currently sweeping the web.

The Twenty Thirteen WordPress default theme

Post Formats are a new feature in WordPress 3.6 that lets you choose unique layout and design templates for specific types of blog posts, such as images, videos, quotes, and regular articles, among others. The Twenty Thirteen theme supports Post Formats by providing a bold, unique visual style for each post so your site visitors can differentiate between the content in each one. In the image above you see the Video, Quote, Status, and Chat post formats on the front page. The Standard post format has a white background. The post format styling is also carried over into the post editor so as you change your post format you’ll see the styling change as you work, and the post formats are now identified using icons throughout the dashboard.

Reorganizing Deke’s Techniques

Published by | Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

For the past two and a half years, Deke McClelland has been creating amazing effects and techniques each week—and feedback from members has been overwhelmingly positive.

Episodes of Deke’s Techniques have piled up, and as you can see below, the table of contents has become incredibly long.

Deke's Techniques Table of Content as it was

We’ve published our 2,000th course!

Published by | Thursday, July 18th, 2013 releases our 2000th course

With a variety of courses published each week at, it’s easy to get distracted. So we’re pleased to take a moment to glance up from our busy release schedule to celebrate a significant milestone: has just published its 2,000th course.

To put this in perspective, in April 2011 featured 1,000 courses, which means we’ve now doubled our library in just over two years. From the initial concepts of a course, to screenwriting, to the production, camerawork, and editing of each individual video, 2,000 courses adds up to years of production time: no small feat.

New Partners site launches!

Published by | Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

We’re excited to announce that we’ve completely revamped the affiliate portal to make it easier for you to manage your campaigns.

Designed with a friendlier interface for simpler navigation, the new Partners site includes these major improvements:


Get assets

• New tools let you embed videos on your site, and generate custom links.
• We’ve added more links and banners to choose from.
• It’s easy to filter and search links, banners, and videos.


Track performance

• Now it’s easier to compare various campaigns.
• View graphs that show your sales, commissions, or clicks over time.

Help + resources

• Watch videos that explain how to find things and use features on the Partners site.
• Click on the Partners_question icon on any page for quick answers and helpful tips.

The program itself hasn’t changed; your existing campaigns and commission structure are the same as ever. But we hope the new site improves your experience as a partner.

Keep an eye out for Partner Program newsletters and watch the News + updates section of the Partners site for program updates, tips on how to be a successful partner, and limited-time special offers.

Since we began working with affiliates in 2009, we have seen fantastic growth in sign-ups, clicks, and sales. It’s been wonderful partnering with you to introduce to others, and to reward you in the process.