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Microsoft Office for iPad hits the App Store

Published by | Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Office for iPad First Look - now available

If you watched Microsoft’s San Francisco press event earlier today, you know there’s big news–the much anticipated Office for iPad applications are available for download in the App Store today as of 11 Pacific. Excel, PPT, and Word are all available individually and for free download. If you’re looking to just read Office documents from your iPad, you can use the apps for free, but editing rights will cost you an Office 365 subscription.

With the auto-save feature ensuring you won’t lose your work and the friendly ribbon interface and document editing abilities, you’ll see a lot of familiar features as you download each app. Plus, access your Camera Roll photos to add to docs or presentations, and get used to the 123 numerical keyboard in Excel. Get used to making your PowerPoint presentations on the iPad and then presenting them from it.

Downloaded the new Office for iPad apps and ready to dive in? Be sure to watch Jess Stratton’s free course Office for iPad First Look to get a head-start.

Getting to appointments: Monday Productivity Pointers

Published by | Monday, July 29th, 2013

Using Tempo Smart Calendar

This week I’m focusing on getting you to your appointments on time using two mobile apps that have become crucial to my day-to-day work: Tempo Smart Calendar and Twist.

Tempo Smart Calendar is an iPhone app that combines your email inbox, calendar, and maps to build a customized calendar for you. For example, if you have a flight scheduled, you can tap the calendar entry to see if it’s on time. You can also directly dial into conference calls, ¬including any long conference codes required to get in. If you have an appointment with a client, Tempo Smart Calendar will try to find emails in your mailbox related to that appointment, keeping all the info you’ll need just a tap away.

In the video below, I’ll focus on getting you to your appointments. Tempo Smart Calendar contains a feature that allows you to easily notify your meeting participants if you’re running late with only a few taps.

Developing cross-platform mobile apps: A new playlist

Published by | Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

iOS Note-Taking App

Creating an app for Android, iOS, or Windows means learning two things: a programming language and the SDK. Even if you use one of the cross-platform frameworks, you’ll still need to learn some peculiarities of each system. It requires a significant investment in time and talents—and you’ll have to repeat it to create the same app for a different phone. can help with this learning curve. We’ve created a playlist of three new parallel courses: Building a Note-Taking App for Android, Building a Note-Taking App for iOS, and Building a Note-Taking App for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store. Together they provide a roadmap for building a cross-platform mobile app.

We’ve built the same app for all three mobile platforms (actually four; Windows Store and Windows Phone are separate), using the same assets and creating the same functionality for each. We enlisted three top-notch authors to show you how they would implement the application on each platform. Our authors shared outlines and met regularly to coordinate their efforts, only making changes when the particular language or SDK demanded it.

To use this set of courses most effectively, start with the platform you know best and review how that author chose to implement the app for your favored SDK and language. Then choose your next device and watch the related course. Feel free to switch back and forth between the two, comparing the platform you know to the platform you’re learning.

Our authors provide you with insights to each platform, pointing out differences that may trip you up if you’re making assumptions based on a different SDK. In the end, you should be able to map your experience from one device to another.

Please be sure to fill out the survey at the end of each course. We’ll read your comments to see how we’re doing and how we can improve.

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