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Remembering Doyald Young

Published by | Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Today would have been Doyald Young’s 87th birthday. The famous typeface and logotype designer/teacher said:

There are over a hundred thousand fonts out there. … People say, ‘If there are a hundred thousand fonts, why are you drawing a letter? Why not use a font and do something with it?’ Well, I have very technical reasons of why I do that, but I also have a very simple answer, which is, it’s custom. I am designing something custom for you. … It’s custom. We all want something unique.

New Creative Inspirations, new format: Doyald Young, Logotype Designer

Published by | Friday, October 29th, 2010

Since January 2008, the documentary team at has brought you into the lives of exemplary creative professionals to afford you a unique opportunity to learn and be inspired by their wisdom and experience. After nearly three years and 23 guests in the Creative Inspirations series, we’re embarking on a new, richer approach to the series and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Until now, we’ve presented short, focused movies covering a broad spectrum of topics that help give insight into the workspace, projects, story, and philosophies of the guests we’ve featured. We’ve now shifted our approach to focus on telling unique stories in a more in-depth and personal way. Our goal is to present a cohesive story that flows from beginning to end with an engaging narrative story—a compelling view into the lives of creative individuals that tell you, in their own words, how and why they became who they are. This allows us to present a complete view of our subjects and allows you to experience it the same way you would as if you’re watching documentary film. For ease of viewing online, we are offering two ways to view the documentary: all together as one piece or as smaller sections (like DVD chapters).

Today, we are releasing our first documentary in this new format: Doyald Young, Logotype Designer. From humble beginnings in a small Texas town eight decades ago, Young shares his story, which is as elegant as his script fonts and as wise as his set of Oxford English dictionaries. Enjoy a window into the life of this accomplished artisan as he works with joyous focus in his favorite spot, his drawing table, and follow Young to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he shares his talents with tomorrow’s designers. Young recalls the hundreds of iterations he went through in creating the logo for Prudential, and he puts pencil to tissue creating the pages for his next book about script lettering, Learning Curves.

We have greatly appreciated the feedback you’ve generously offered about Creative Inspirations and we look forward to hearing from you more as we evolve this new approach. We will continue to offer you wonderful stories and imagery that educate, entertain and most of all, inspire.

Behind the scenes at the Doyald Young shoot

Published by | Friday, October 29th, 2010

Doyald Young
Staff editor/cinematographer Tracy Clark on location at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena shooting for our Creative Inspirations documentary about Doyald Young. Doyald is reviewing an assignment with one of his typography students.

Doyald Young
Creative Inspirations series director Scott Erickson reviews his next shot with Doyald Young at his home workspace. Cinematographer and digital lead Ben Nilsson looks on.

Doyald Young
In the Art Center classroom, Scott chats with Doyald between shots. Ben and Tracy discuss camera settings in the background.

Doyald Young
Scott sets up our Canon 7D DSLR mounted with a Canon 24-70mm f2.8, shooting at 24fps to capture Doyald working at his favorite place—his drawing board.