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Trigger two features with a single key command: InDesign Secrets

Published by | Thursday, September 5th, 2013

InDesign Secrets: Create a key command for two features

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Adobe InDesign has a very complete and customizable group of keyboard shortcuts, but did you know they can be used contextually? That means the same keyboard shortcut can be used to invoke two different commands, depending on where you are in InDesign. The assignment changes based on whether you’re editing text, selecting objects, or have your cursor inside a table or dialog box. This is a very cool and overlooked option, which is why it’s one of Anne Marie Concepción’s favorite InDesign secrets. Find out how to assign keyboard shortcuts, and assign shortcuts to different contexts, by clicking on the free video below.

Photoshop Top 40 Countdown with Deke McClelland: #37 – Fill Functions

Published by | Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Many of Photoshop’s best features can only be accessed from the keyboard. Like, how would you know Alt+Backspace (or Option-Delete) fills with black?

Watch. It gets better.