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Creative Inspirations features Bert Monroy’s stunning photorealistic illustration

Published by | Friday, April 30th, 2010

OK. Wrap your brains around this: A hyperrealistic, 180-degree panorama of Times Square in New York City illustrated in Photoshop. The finished piece when printed out will be 60 inches by 25 feet. The flattened Photoshop file is 11.7 gigabytes. There are roughly a half a million layers. And it has taken Bert three years to complete.

Times Square, soon to be exhibited at the School for Visual Arts Theatre in New York, is only part of the story of this gifted digital artist who started with paper and rubber cement, graduated to the first Macintosh in 1984 and co-wrote the first ever book on Photoshop. From his home and studio in Berkeley, California, Bert creates art like no other. He is driven to share his gift and his techniques. I’m betting you’ll be as riveted as I was when I met and interviewed Bert for this installment of Creative Inspirations in the Online Training Library┬«.