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Deke’s Techniques: Using the healing brush to mirror part of an image

Published by | Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

In this week’s free technique, Deke takes a look at the healing brush, with a particular focus on using a similar, mirrored part of an image (such as the other side of a person’s face) to retouch a large area.

Of course, sometimes the character of a face should be left to its own beauty and evocativeness. But if you need to retouch large areas that are the mirror image of another area, this week’s technique will show you how to exploit the symmetry of the human face to your advantage.

Faces are generally symmetrical, so if you need to use the right side as a source for the left side, you’re going to have to flip the information somewhere along the way. In Deke’s case, he needs to flip the eye on the right over, as well as angle it more appropriately to his subject’s face once it reaches its destination (because no one is perfectly symmetrical). Enter the Clone Source panel, a handy device for changing the orientation and angle of your cloned pixels. The result, you can see below, is simple but effective:

Join us next week for another free technique from Deke.

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Deke’s Techniques: Making a fictional creature with Photoshop

Published by | Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Big Foot, Loch Ness Monster, Tigerilla. Sometimes, when you let your imagination run away with you, you learn some really useful Photoshop techniques in the process. This week, Deke delves into cryptozoological pseudo-documentation—that is, Photoshop put to use to create false evidence of a non-existent creature. Why, other than trying to spice up your vacation photos with fake monsters, would you want to do this? Well, first, mixing this gorilla, tiger, and cute little puppy is an exercise in mind-expanding creativity:


And more practically, in this week’s free movie from Deke’s Techniques, you’ll see how to carefully use Photoshop’s healing brush in order to mix key features of these three animals to create something wholly other.


Learning how to heal from one layer to the next, with proper alignment, is a skill that’s bound to take you beyond the creation of fake evidence for your tall tales. And for members of the library, Deke’s got an exclusive video in the Online Training Library® this week that shows you how to transform your cryptid creature into something even wilder. Next week, he’ll show everyone how to further fake the evidence of this fierce (but sweet-eyed) being. (Because no claimed Tigerilla sighting is going to work without a properly blurry photo.)

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