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Mother’s Day is this weekend: Give a gift subscription

Published by | Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Gift Subscriptions: give nowWhether your Mom wants to learn the intricacies of editing photos in Photoshop CS5 for work projects or to post on her Flickr account, is contemplating a change of career and needs online resume tips, or needs to create dynamic charts for financial analysis and promote her business via social media and smarter SEO, the gift of even just a month-long subscription to can go a long way. Many of our membership subscription gift plans cost less than a bouquet of flowers, and if what you tell us is any indicator, we’re guessing it will make much more of a lasting impression.

Gift subscriptions are available to fit every budget—from a 1-month membership for $25 to a full year’s Premium access for $375. Choose the gift subscription type and denomination that’s right for you (and Mom), customize your gift message, and set your delivery date for Sunday, May 9. We’ll send her an email with her gift subscription information and instructions on how to redeem her gift from you.

Happy Mother’s Day!