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5 tips for organizing your photos in Aperture

Published by | Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Manage your photos in Aperture

Your photo library is getting bigger every day—it’s a fact that photographers can’t escape in this age of digital and mobile photography. As your collection grows, it becomes more and more important to have an organization plan so you can find your images when you need them.

By adopting just a few simple practices, you can take advantage of one of Aperture’s strongest features: getting your image library in order.

Oh my, how Flickr has changed!

Published by | Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

We’ve been busy updating our Flickr Essential Training course, including three chapters on the Flickr mobile app alone. However, after this week’s announcement that Yahoo has released a better, brighter Flickr, it appears there’s more work to be done.

The old Flickr user interface.

The old Flickr user interface.


Master your compact camera with our latest live-action course

Published by | Thursday, January 28th, 2010

In Chapter 1, Getting the Most Out of the Lens, Derrick shows us how to use sunglasses as a polarized filter.

Compact, point-and-shoot cameras are getting better and better. They’re also getting more complex, sporting features that give you the kind of creative options that were once the exclusive domain of bulky, expensive cameras.

With our latest course, Getting Professional Results from a Compact Camera, photographer Derrick Story shows you how to master your camera’s exposure settings, control its flash, and squeeze every bit of performance out of its optics. Go on-location as Derrick shoots everything from panoramas to macros to nighttime shots, then return to the computer and see how to make them look their best.

This course is one of a growing series of live-action courses that we’re publishing. The world is about more than software, and we’re working hard to bring it to you. In our Photo Assignment courses, we take you on location to learn how to shoot natural light portraits, master fill flash, and conquer tricky backlight situations.

Photoshop Live and The InDesign Conference Wrap-up

Published by | Friday, November 6th, 2009

This week, eight authors and other talented industry speakers gathered in Washington DC for the MOGO Media conferences Photoshop Live (November 2nd & 3rd) and The InDesign Conference (November 4th & 6th).

Mordy Golding, Jan Kabili, Lesa Snider, Ted LoCascio, Michael Ninness, Derrick Story, Anne-Marie Concepcion, and Michael Murphy were all in fine form teaching an eager audience at the U.S. Naval Heritage Center, located just off the Mall in downtown DC. If you were in attendance, you know this was an excellent opportunity to get to sit and listen to some inspiring instruction, go on an evening Photo Walk with Derrick Story, and eat pizza while Michael Ninness gave an awesome three and a half hour (by demand!) session on InDesign. If you missed this show, be sure to check out other MOGO conferences and seminars.

Photoshop Live

Left column: Photoshop Live poster, Michael Ninness. Middle column: Mordy Golding, Derrick Story, Jan Kabili, Anne-Marie Concepcion, Michael Murphy, Right column: Washington Monument, White House, Author Dinner featuring Lesa Snider, Jay Nelson, Garrick Chow, Jan Kabili, Derrick Story, Ed and Megan Read, Michael Ninness, and Mordy Golding.

New photo assignment: Using backlighting to your photographic advantage

Published by | Monday, October 26th, 2009

Derrick Story and his model, Denise Crosby, show us how to best use backlight, reflection, spot metering, and fill flash for stunning professional-quality photographs.

Derrick Story is at it again! He is bound and determined to make us better photographers, and his new series of Photo Assignment courses really do give us all an opportunity to strut our stuff.

The latest in his series is the new course, Photo Assignment: Backlit Portraits, Derrick show us how to achieve really interesting effects in a typically unintuitive shooting style—backlit. Check out his new courses, and then join me in posting pictures to his latest Flickr group, where we can all learn from each other.

Have fun shooting and see you all on Flickr.

Your next photo assignment: Fill Flash Portraits with Derrick Story

Published by | Wednesday, October 21st, 2009


Derrick Story has just released another photo-assignment course on with a show-and-tell Flickr component. This course, Photo Assignment: Fill Flash Portraits, explains the benefits of using flash photography outdoors in bright light in order to achieve great looking portraits in otherwise tricky bright light.

This technique will help you build off of what you learned in Derrick’s first Photo Assignment course, but is also a terrific stand-alone course to help you brush up on your photography when you are at daytime, outdoor events.

There is also a new Flickr group set up and ready for you. So get outside, grab your camera, and take some fill flash photography with us. Looking forward to seeing your work on the Fill Flash Portrait Photo Assignment Flickr group.

New Photo Assignment series teaches technique and urges collaboration

Published by | Thursday, October 8th, 2009 producer Samara Iodice with instructor/photographer Derrick Story. producer Samara Iodice with instructor/photographer Derrick Story.

As Jim wrote yesterday, has plans for a number of new photography related courses — and just by chance, we’ve just released the first course in a new series for aspiring photographers this week. Photo Assignment: Natural Light Portraits with author and photographer Derrick Story is a really cool new course that shows us valuable techniques for shooting portraits in natural (i.e. unpredictable and sometimes unflattering) lighting. These tips are sure to bring your outdoor portrait photography to the next level.

But wait, there’s more…

Derrick has created a Flickr group dedicated to showcasing members’ natural light portraits, too. So after you watch the course and pick up some new tips, grab your kid sister, neighbor, or better half, and start snapping shots. Then upload your pix to the public Natural Light Portrait Photo Assignment Flickr group for feedback and to see the photos other members have shot and uploaded.

Derrick shows you how to join the Flickr group within this course, but if you would like more training on Flickr, check out Derrick’s other course entirely devoted to the photo-sharing website, Flickr Essential Training.

I’ll be uploading my own photos to Derrick’s Flickr group soon and hope you will join me. author news: Final Cut training, top-secret series, and more

Published by | Friday, July 31st, 2009

Top: Abba Shapiro and producer Max Smith in a recording booth. Bottom left: How we get our trainers activated. Bottom right: Derrick Story hard at work on his new series.

This week at, Apple-Certified trainer and author Abba Shapiro is in town recording some brand spankin’ new Final Cut training – his first course for The Digital Story’s very own Derrick Story is recording a new top-secret training series! Stay tuned for more!

Another luminary in our Creative Inspirations series, Margo Chase, will be featured in the AIGA Los Angeles Fellows Speaker Series to talk about the business of design. Visit the AIGA Los Angeles web site for registration information for this event on August 27.