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What’s new this week in Office 365

Published by | Friday, November 8th, 2013

Office 365 Updates

Great news for Office 365 users this week: Microsoft has released an update improving the Office Web Apps that are included with Home Premium and Business subscription plans.

While the Office Web Apps started out as a companion to the desktop experience, Microsoft has been improving functionality within the Web Apps with the intention of shifting them into their own, standalone Office experience on the web.

With this in mind, users of the Office Web Apps will notice some improved features and functions in this latest update.

Making the move to Excel 2010 from Excel 2003

Published by | Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

In Migrating from Excel 2003 to Excel 2010, author David Rivers walks through the switch to Excel 2010 from Excel 2003. The course covers key differences in Excel 2010, including the Ribbon interface and the Office Open XML file format, and shows how to perform common Excel 2003 tasks in Excel 2010.

Office 2010 for Business: Focus on OneNote

Published by | Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Microsoft finished rolling out Office 2010 to customers this week, making the suite available to purchase in retail stores and online. has been rolling out courses on Office 2010 since it launched to business customers last month, and I’ve been talking with our Office 2010 authors about their experiences with this latest version. Today’s Q&A features David Rivers, author of many courses including OneNote 2010 New Features and the upcoming OneNote 2010 Essential Training.

Q: What’s your favorite new feature in OneNote 2010?

A: I would have to say my favorite new feature in OneNote 2010 is actually two features that work well together. First, there’s the new functionality that allows you to share a OneNote notebook over the web. With your free Windows Live account, you can share a notebook using SkyDrive. With your notebook stored and shared on SkyDrive, you can access it from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Second, with the new OneNote Web App, you don’t even need to have OneNote installed to view and edit the notebook shared on SkyDrive. You can even create new notebooks with the OneNote Web App.

Office 2010 Beta Preview offers a taste of enhancements and new features

Published by | Monday, December 28th, 2009

In Office 2010 Beta Preview, David Rivers offers a taste of the enhancements and new features in Microsoft Office 2010. He explores the improved Ribbon, which is now customizable in each application in the suite. In Word, he discusses the expanded search function, in-document image editing, and the introduction of OpenType fonts.

David shows off the expanded filters and conditional formatting in Excel, and the ability to add screenshots and animation in PowerPoint. Access now includes the ability to create pre-built database modules, and David shows how to integrate and re-use these assets in an example database. Last but not least, he reviews the enhancements to Outlook and OneNote, which can link notes to all the applications in the suite. View the full course and let us know what you think.

New OS, new training: Windows 7 Essential Training released today

Published by | Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

In Windows 7 Essential Training, David Rivers helps users of any level feel comfortable with the improvements and enhancements found in Microsoft’s operating system. From simple navigation through the updated graphic user interface, David shows how to install or upgrade and get the most out of Windows 7.

David also covers using the new Internet Explorer 8 and boosting a computer’s memory with the ReadyBoost tool. He also highlights hardware configuration options and explores the advances made connecting a home or work system with Windows Live, the cloud-computing environment made available for Windows 7 users. The video above is just a small taste of the 6.5 hour course.

Windows 7 RC Beta Preview: Why we create training for beta software

Published by | Thursday, July 9th, 2009

I am proud to announce we have just released our Windows 7 RC Beta Preview title – check out David Rivers’ post that includes an introductory movie to the course. This title focuses on Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC), the public beta version of their upcoming operating system and successor to Windows Vista.

Now, I am guessing some of you might be asking why we would create video training for beta software releases. I can imagine the comments and questions:

qIsn’t the Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate going to have a short shelf life and be obsolete in a few months?

aYes, that is correct; Windows 7 will be publically available to the masses on October 22nd. Even so, we remain committed to offering a complete education experience and want to make sure you know as much as possible about upcoming software releases. Besides, think of all the new things you can learn in a few months! For us, that is a priceless opportunity to provide you with more great training – beta version or not! In this case, with the public beta access we had the unique opportunity to provide training you can access before the software is available for purchase. As this is the largest operating system upgrade in the last 4+ years, we know many of you want to determine if this upgrade is right for you.

qNo other online video training company is publishing content for beta software. Why release this training for beta software?

aWe’ve always put our passion for teaching and sharing information ahead of everything else. We aren’t focused on what other companies are doing; we would rather focus on following our passion and helping you navigate this major software release. It’s our hope this title will not only give you a good working knowledge of the software and help you decide if you want to invest in this new operating system for your PC.

qDoes this mean you won’t be releasing any other Windows 7 video training content?

aThis is just the beginning; we will have a lot more training for Windows 7 and other upcoming Microsoft products, including our upcoming Windows 7 Essential Training. Our continued goal is to make sure we have the training you want, and when you need it. The release of Windows 7 RC Beta Preview also gives us the opportunity to hear your thoughts on this training content before we release our Windows 7 Essential Training title. For you, this means you have an opportunity to help us develop the final video training course! For us, this means we have the opportunity to develop the training so it’s even more relevant to your training needs. Please be sure to post your comments below or send an email to We want to know what you liked and what you didn’t!

We really hope you enjoy this training, find it useful, and feel more prepared for the next version of Microsoft Windows.

Happy learning!

Windows 7 RC Preview takes you under the hood of Microsoft Windows 7

Published by | Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate public beta is here and it’s yours for the taking! And the newly released preview training for Windows 7, Windows 7 RC Preview, takes you under the hood of Microsoft’s successor to Windows Vista, exploring what’s new and enhanced in Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Many people resisted the jump from Windows XP to Vista, and for the most part, I would have to agree they had good reason. Windows 7 is not just a prettier version of Windows Vista. It’s stable, it’s fast, it’s secure, and it’s loaded with new and improved features designed to create a superb windows experience. In Windows 7 RC Preview, I tackle those features – not just telling you about them, but also guiding you through the steps to use them properly.

For example, the user interface contains a number of improvements to make life easier when performing those repetitive tasks, like searching for files and programs, switching between open programs, and arranging windows. You’ll be able to follow along with me as we explore and test these features with real programs and sample files.

In this title, we’ll also explore the new or enhanced windows apps and utilities included with Windows 7, including one that is sure appeal to those Windows XP users who are still nervous about changing their OS. If you’re thinking that upgrading to Windows 7 means you won’t be able to use those programs that run in Windows XP only, think again. I’ll show you how to setup and use the new Windows XP Mode to run your XP programs in a separate window, side by side with your Windows 7 programs.

Connecting to networks and connecting devices to your computer just became simpler in Windows 7, too, so we’ll be sure to explore features like Home Group, Device Stage, and Location Aware Printing in this title.

With the release of Windows 7 come new versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Live Essentials. Instant search capabilities, accelerators, and web slices in Internet Explorer 8 are exciting features that are covered in detail in this title. And if staying connected online is important to you, our coverage of the latest and greatest in Windows Live Essentials will help you to communicate online, synchronize your files online, and even share them securely.

Windows 7 will truly be considered a quality release and it has me excited for many reasons. As I researched for this title, the new features and enhancements had me blurting out “Wow!” on more than one occasion. I can’t wait to show you why.