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InDesign Secrets debut: The hidden Autoexpand text feature

Published by | Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Welcome to what I now like to call ‘InDesign Thursdays’. This week, we’re launching a new course that is chock-full of secret InDesign tips and tricks from the very folk who bring you the InDesign Secrets website and podcast, authors David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepción. Every other week, either David or Anne-Marie will be here with a new video, free to all, that will demonstrate a hidden trick or obscure feature that will make your InDesign life more efficient, friendly, or fun. In this debut free episode, Anne-Marie shows you how to turn on InDesign’s somewhat hidden Autocorrect feature and then use it to take your tedious-to-type text and ‘shorthand it’ with something you can quickly key.

Members of the Online Training Library® will also get access to an exclusive new InDesign Secrets movie every other week, hosted by Anne-Marie or David. This week’s members-only video features David showing you how InDesign can do mathematical calculations for you. Need to move something in your layout two centimeters, but your ruler is set to points? No worries, David shows you the many ways you can type mixed measurements (even arithmetic operators) into InDesign’s number fields and get instant conversion.

Next Thursday will feature another free installment of InDesign FX from Mike Rankin.

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