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Convert from RGB to CMYK in Photoshop: Deke’s Techniques

Published by | Tuesday, August 20th, 2013
Converting RGB to CMYK with Photoshop Multichannel

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Welcome back to Deke’s Techniques. This week, Deke shows how to convert an image from the RGB profile to CMYK—a process designers often need to go through when they’re sending their work to be printed commercially. However, Deke’s spin on this technique is an unconventional method that preserves more of your luminance data, using the Multichannel mode in Adobe Photoshop. Click the video below to start learning.

Photoshop Top 40 Countdown with Deke McClelland: #10 – Color Settings

Published by | Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

The Color Settings command is your way of establishing reliable color management policies across the entire Creative Suite. While admittedly techie, it ensures that what you see is what everyone else sees, too.