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Building new leaders is your job: Management Tips

Published by | Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


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One fatal flaw for many middle managers is an overzealous focus on their own careers. It’s not about narcissism; in the middle ranks, managers are often wearing many hats, working long hours, trying to manage up and down the hierarchy, etc. So it’s not uncommon for them to fail to invest adequate time developing others.

In the first of this week’s Management Tips, I’ll show how developing others is a core part of any leader’s job—and if you work in a high-performing organization, you’ll be expected to demonstrate that ability before further promotions. Once you do start helping your team members develop their abilities, remember that they may think and learn differently than you do. So what works for one (direct coaching, for example) might not work well for another (who needs classroom training).

Four well-intentioned workplace time wasters

Published by | Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Use the 80-20 rule to prioritize your work

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All of your work matters—but some matters more than the rest of it. In my new course Managing Your Time, I share my favorite time management technique: applying the 80/20 rule to classify all your work (people, tasks, and projects) as being of mild importance (the 80 percent) or of serious importance (the 20 percent). The 80 percent is just work that has to be done, but rest is the really good stuff: the work that will make you, your team, and your company better.

Focusing too much time on issues of lesser importance is one way we waste time at work. Here are four other time wasters you have to watch out for if you want to maximize what you get done every day.