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Elastic Audio: throwback to DJ record manipulation, but better

Published by | Friday, April 9th, 2010

Author Brian White has just released a new training video on one of ProTools most powerful editing tools, Pro Tools 8: Time Manipulation with Elastic Audio.

In this excerpt from Chapter one, Understanding Elastic Audio, Brian draws an analogy to the days of vinyl and tape:

“Elastic Audio allows users to stretch or shrink slices of audio within the edit window, effectively slowing down, speeding up, or changing the rhythmic feel of an existing recording, all while preserving the original pitch. So, when I think about the origins of time manipulations, I think back to tape and vinyl, how DJs could slow down or speed up a record to match the tempo of the previous song, or how you could speed up or slow down the tape playback. The problem with this is that while it changed the tempo, it also changed the pitch.”

Brian wrote an interesting two-part Elastic Audio review on his blog last October. If you missed it there, check it out here and here.

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