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Bill Weinman discusses HTML5: Local Storage and Offline Applications in Depth

Published by | Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

The latest course in our series on HTML5, HTML5: Local Storage and Offline Applications in Depth, is all about local storage: using the new features being implemented in modern web browsers that enable saving and managing data on a local client, whether it’s a desktop computer or mobile device. Author Bill Weinman has created many courses for on web, database, and mobile application development subjects. Here are his thoughts on HTML5.

Q: What got you interested in HTML5?

A: I’ve been interested in HTML since the early ’90s. HTML is what makes the web accessible for anyone who wants to publish something and find an audience. Early versions of HTML served that purpose well, for those whose major expression is the written word, but for everyone else HTML had to evolve. By the time Lynda and I wrote the first edition of Creative HTML Design (New Riders, 1997) we could use the web for some rudimentary presentation, and we could publish other forms of media by using ‘helper’ programs that would be launched by the browser, but HTML5 finally brings reality to the promise of the web: a fully interactive rich media experience. author Bill Weinman delves into the details of Perl 5

Published by | Monday, April 26th, 2010

In Perl 5 Essential Training, author Bill Weinman explains the fundamentals of programming in Perl, a flexible and powerful programming language that’s well suited for projects as varied as simple scripts to complex web applications. This course covers the details of the language, from conditionals, loops, and data structures to regular expressions, functions, and object-oriented programming. A quick-start guide is included for experienced developers who want to get up and running with Perl 5 fast.