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Shoot time-lapse videos with a GoPro: DSLR Video Tips

Published by | Friday, January 17th, 2014

Time-lapse frames shot with a GoPro camera

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Though known mainly for fast-paced action footage, the versatile GoPro camera is widely used for many different tasks. Because of its small size, you can mount it nearly anywhere to capture a variety of unique time-lapse shots. Join Robbie and Rich this week as they explore setting up and capturing time-lapse videos with a GoPro camera.

Adding handle to sound bites using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

Published by | Monday, January 13th, 2014
Adding handle to soundbites

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Whether you’re editing for documentaries, reality television, or corporate videos, you’re likely to run into this scenario: The talent is giving a long speech, perhaps unrehearsed. In the middle of that speech, you’d like to pull out a really good sound bite—but the pauses around the sound bite don’t create enough space (known as a “handle”) to cleanly isolate the segment. Sound familiar?

There are a couple of time-honored solutions to this problem, including muting the audio before and after the desired sound bite, freezing the video to extend the handle, or performing a split edit (cutting the video separately from the audio). All of these compromises, however, can appear visually jarring, taking the viewer out of the flow of the program.

Create a film look with Premiere Pro: DSLR Video Tips

Published by | Friday, January 10th, 2014
Create a film look with Premiere Pro

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Feeling left out with our recent episode on creating film looks with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X? This week Rich and I will switch apps and show you how to use Adobe Premiere Pro’s color correction and effect features to give your video footage that dramatic “film” look. And just like before—it all starts in post-processing.

Get a tour of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera: DSLR Video Tips

Published by | Friday, January 3rd, 2014
The Blackmagic Cinema Camera

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Check out the latest in digital cinema technology!

In this week’s episode, Robbie and Rich introduce the elegant and sophisticated Blackmagic Cinema Camera and its features. They’ll explore the camera from the inside out, covering focus, recording, and shot evaluation, and show you the RAW workflow you’ll need to bring a timeless feature-film look to your footage.

Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Releases

Published by | Monday, December 23rd, 2013

On Thursday, Dec 19, Apple released an important new update to Final Cut Pro X, its flagship editing program. The update is free for all current users of FCP X and available through the Apple App Store. We’re updating our Essential Training course to include this version. In the meantime, here’s a rundown of things you need to know about the update.

First, FCP X 10.1 requires OSX Mavericks, so if you’re on an older system, you’ll need to download and update Mavericks before you can update FCP X. Mavericks is also a free update from Apple, and we’ve got a great course to get you up to speed with the new features of this latest OS from Apple. As with all updates, it’s crucial that you back up your important data before proceeding. I’ve had no problem on my system, but there have been reports of problems with Mavericks upgrades, and it’s always better safe than sorry!

standard setup

Creating a film look with Final Cut Pro X: DSLR Video Tips

Published by | Friday, December 20th, 2013
Creating a film look with Final Cut Pro X

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Give your video footage that dramatic “film” look by diving into some color-correction and effect features of Final Cut Pro X in this week’s DSLR Video Tips with Rich and Robbie.

You’ll learn about

The tools: Get to know the tools in Final Cut Pro X that can help you achieve a film look with your video footage.
The post-processing: Learn how to use those tools to create a stylized film look with Final Cut Pro X.

Prepare for a Multi-camera Shoot: DSLR Video Tips

Published by | Friday, December 13th, 2013

Multi-camera shoots

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Last week we explored the benefits of shooting with multiple cameras for a professional video project. It turns out there’s a lot involved when setting up a shoot with multiple DSLR’s- preparation and planning are key. Finding the location that works for you is important, and lighting it for multiple cameras is a challenge.

On this week’s show, Robbie and Rich walk you through the key elements for a multiple DSLR camera shoot. They’re joined by Director of Photography Jim Ball for additional tips. You’ll learn the following:

Prepare for a multi-camera shoot: DSLR Video Tips

Published by | Friday, December 6th, 2013

Prepare for a multi-camera shot

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With the price of cameras dropping lower and lower, using multiple cameras at the same time is a popular production trend. Whether you’re shooting a concert, performance, or how-to video, capturing multiple angles of a shot in perfect sync makes the whole project better. But multi-camera shoots are tricky.

In this week’s DSLR Video Tips, Robbie and Rich show you how to plan for a multi-camera shoot. Director of Photography Jim Ball offers additional insight from his experience with multi-camera shoots.