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Meet the monsters, and the monster maker Stefan Bucher

Published by | Wednesday, February 9th, 2011
Stefan G. Bucher and the wall of monsters.

Stefan G. Bucher and the wall of monsters.

The first time I walked the halls of our headquarters in Carpinteria, I was pleasantly surprised to come in contact with a pack of monsters.

The monsters are the work of the amazing Stefan G. Bucher, the genius behind and 344 Design in Los Angeles. co-founder Bruce Heavin originally suggested that Stefan create four monsters to adorn the walls of our headquarters, but Stefan got inspired and created 13 for Bruce to pick from.

According to Stefan, once Bruce saw the selection of monsters, he decided to use them all. The monsters are displayed on a prominent wall at the office and lucky folks get to see them every day. As you can see from the photo, Stefan’s installation is pretty cool, too.

Stefan has decided to let the monsters out into the wild and posted each of them on his blog. Go check them out:

Monster 01 | Monster 04 | Monster 07 | Monster 10 | Monster 13
Monster 02Monster 05 | Monster 08 | Monster 11
Monster 03 | Monster 06 | Monster 09 | Monster 12