Getting a GoPro in the air: DSLR Video Tips

Published by | Friday, February 14th, 2014

Flying a GoPro camera

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Shooting with a GoPro allows you to mount it almost anywhere; its small size lets you really push the envelope when capturing your life experiences. Join Robbie and me as we get the GoPro flying with a quadcopter. We’ll walk through important steps on protecting a GoPro before it takes off, operating the quadcopter, and ensuring a smooth flight. Things could get a bit turbulent as you learn how to fly your camera, but the more you practice, the easier it becomes. Enjoy the ride!

Rich and Robbie fly a GoPro

You’ll learn about

• Connecting to and controlling a GoPro camera with the mobile app
• Attaching a GoPro camera to a quadcopter
• Setting up, calibrating, and flying a quadcopter
• Evaluating aerial footage in Adobe Premiere Pro
• Using accessories for flying the GoPro

Watch this week’s free video above, and the remainder of the course on You’ll be flying in no time!

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