Creating a wood floor in Photoshop: Pixel Playground

Published by | Friday, February 14th, 2014

Create a wood floor in Photoshop

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Bert wraps up his three-part magazine cover project this week by teaching us how he created a realistic wood floor in Photoshop for his cinema setting. He begins the process by running a series of Adobe Photoshop filters to create a textured effect that will eventually become wood grain in his floor. Next he uses the Liquefy filter to distort the texture into more organic shapes that represent the natural pattern of growth rings inside wood. He finishes the technique by individually coloring and moving around pieces of the newly created “wood” texture to create a realistic, interlocking wood floor.

Watch this week’s video to get started, and be sure to check back next week for the next installment of Pixel Playground, in which Bert kicks off another three-part tutorial series showing how he created the photorealistic subway train in his illustration “Damen.”

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  1. Floor Fitters London says:

    Hey James,
    Bert must be good. It looks so realistic. I would never know that was a photoshop image unless you told me.

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