Moving past workplace challenges: Management Tips

Published by | Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Getting past challenges in the workplace

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What are your biggest challenges at work? Two common workplace challenges are working with people you don’t like, and knowing when and how to stop putting effort into projects that aren’t working—so you can instead focus your attention where it truly matters.

The first tip this week is about working with someone you don’t enjoy; this can drain your energy quickly unless you make a conscious choice to approach the situation constructively. Your don’t have to become buddies with unpleasant coworkers, but you can learn to recognize their positive traits instead of letting their negative ones get the best of you.

My second tip addresses a different type of challenge—knowing the difference between quitting and refocusing. When a project isn’t working out, you eventually have to make the tough decision to stop investing your time and resources on it, and reallocate your time. That’s not quitting; that’s learning and refocusing. Watch today’s videos to get an edge on solving these workplace challenges, and check back next week for more Management Tips.

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