Enlarge a low-res photograph in Photoshop: Deke’s Techniques

Published by | Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Upsample an image in Photoshop

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Welcome back to Deke’s Techniques! Today’s episode takes you on a trip in the “not-so-way-back machine” as we revisit an Adobe Photoshop technique from January. Deke will show you how to upsample another teeny tiny image, but this time it’s a flat file—no layers at all—and he’ll show you how to perform the resampling in CS6 and earlier versions of Photoshop. This technique shows how you can get great results even from images without a lot of data.

Watch the free video below as Deke takes a 578×750 pixel, .5 MB file and transforms it into a 1,400 percent larger version of itself with Photoshop CS6. He also shows how to mimic the results you get from the Creative Cloud upsampling algorithm with an application of Unsharp Mask.

Members of the library can watch the follow-up video where Deke shows an alternative method for enlarging a photograph, by first tracing it in Illustrator. Come back next week to learn about improving the exposure from your photographs with Camera Raw.

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