Getting to Inbox Zero with Mailbox: Monday Productivity Pointers

Published by | Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Getting to Inbox Zero with

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“Inbox Zero” is a common term for the practice of clearing out your email inbox daily, to stay on top of your correspondence. Most email apps come with a filing system to help you reach Inbox Zero—so you can move your incoming messages to other folders, keeping your inbox uncluttered.

However, when we move a message out of our inbox to keep it out of sight, it often works a bit too well; it’s also out of mind and we forget to go back to it.

This week on Monday Productivity Pointers, I’m going to show you my favorite app ever. This is not hyperbole; if I were only allowed to use one app for the rest of my life, it would be this one. The app is called Mailbox, and it replaces the existing mail app on your iPhone, and supports Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo! mail accounts. Mailbox allows you to file your mail just like you’d expect—but adds one incredible feature: a snooze button.

I’ll show you how one quick swipe in Mailbox lets you “snooze” an email till later in the afternoon, the next morning, next week, or even further out in your calendar. The email disappears, keeping your inbox free and clear—and it magically reappears back in your inbox exactly when you told it to.

In the second (members-only) video, I’ll show you how to incorporate your existing Gmail labels into the Mailbox app so you can take advantage of Mailbox’s unique and productive workflow features without losing the organizational structure you’ve already established in Gmail.

Check back next week for a fresh set of Monday Productivity Pointers.

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