Essential tips for a brilliant brainstorming session (AUDIO)

Published by | Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Stefan Mumaw on Creativity and Brainstorming

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Creativity is not an external force or a rare skill; it’s a habit that anyone can learn. All you need are the tools to unlock it and you’ll be able to generate better ideas faster. Brainstorming is a fantastic tool to help unleash your creativity and uncover a wealth of unique and relevant ideas—but if approached incorrectly it can also be a wheel-spinning bust. Listen to these great tips from Stefan Mumaw so your next brainstorming session is a creative success!

Find no more than five to seven people to include, and make sure you’re choosing a diverse group of people. Find folks from outside of your department, even outside of your company. Outsiders bring fresh perspectives and while they may not be able to solve the problem as acutely as people who are more familiar with the problem, they may take you down roads you may not have considered.

Stefan Mumaw, creative director at Callahan Creek ad agency, frequent speaker, and author of four books on creativity, is the author of Creativity Training: Generate Ideas in Great Quality and Quantity. This course is a workshop, not a “sit back and watch” affair. It’s a hands-on, throw-down, get-moving type of course. Almost every video will challenge you to not just learn the lesson, but do the lesson. Often, you’ll be asked to pause the video, and Stefan will be challenging you with timed, creative exercises to help illustrate points. They’re meant to be thought provoking but fun, so give them your best efforts. Remember, there are no bad ideas here!

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