The destination workplace: Management Tips

Published by | Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Management Tips

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Want a working environment that attracts talent? One where team members feel real commitment? Build a “destination workplace”—an organization with purpose, enlightened leadership, engaged employees, and of course competitive wages and benefits.

In this week’s first management tip, I’ll show you how to begin creating this kind of environment by establishing deeper connections with your team. In particular, we’ll focus on connecting with the most far-flung members—the groups and individuals working remotely. It’s important to know when and how to reach out to your remote employees to inform them, seek their input, and acknowledge their efforts. Each year technology allows more and more professionals to work anywhere, anytime, but theirs can quickly become an isolated experience. Don’t let them feel left out of the family!

My second tip this week will help you establish a broader idea of how your workplace could evolve to become a destination that inspires and motivates your team, and attracts the highest-quality talent.

Watch this week’s videos to discover how to transform your working environment into a place that your current and future team members truly want to be part of. Check back next week for more Management Tips.

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