Adding handle to sound bites using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

Published by | Monday, January 13th, 2014
Adding handle to soundbites

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Whether you’re editing for documentaries, reality television, or corporate videos, you’re likely to run into this scenario: The talent is giving a long speech, perhaps unrehearsed. In the middle of that speech, you’d like to pull out a really good sound bite—but the pauses around the sound bite don’t create enough space (known as a “handle”) to cleanly isolate the segment. Sound familiar?

There are a couple of time-honored solutions to this problem, including muting the audio before and after the desired sound bite, freezing the video to extend the handle, or performing a split edit (cutting the video separately from the audio). All of these compromises, however, can appear visually jarring, taking the viewer out of the flow of the program.

In this course, I’ll demonstrate my process for cleanly extending the handle before and after sound bites using a combination of time remapping, frame blending, and audio keyframing in After Effects. The results range from being less distracting to looking perfectly natural. I’ll also show how to start with a trimmed clip already in the Premiere Pro timeline, mark the relevant edit points, use Dynamic Link to export this clip to After Effects, and seamlessly replace it in the Premiere sequence. Project files for both CS6 and CC (Creative Cloud) are provided for premium members.

This short course is an excellent companion for’s courses Narrative Scene Editing with Premiere Pro, Documentary Editing with Premiere Pro, and Commercial Editing Techniques with Premiere Pro to help give you an extra edge in production value. What other ways do you use Premiere Pro and After Effects together on the audio in your video projects? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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