Create a headlight from scratch in Photoshop: Pixel Playground

Published by | Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Create a headlamp from scratch in Photoshop

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Over the next few weeks, Bert will be taking us through a series of tutorials showing how he created various details in his digital painting of a red truck. This week we’ll look at how to re-create one of the truck’s headlights.

Bert begins by showing us the final artwork and the intricate detail that was used. Starting with a new Photoshop document, he draws a series of vector paths to represent the pattern on the light. After applying a clever combination of blurs and levels, he finishes the effect by smudging a gradient in various directions to represent the reflection of light.

Check out the complete video tutorial on, and come back next week for the next truck-inspired installment of Pixel Playground.

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