Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Releases

Published by | Monday, December 23rd, 2013

On Thursday, Dec 19, Apple released an important new update to Final Cut Pro X, its flagship editing program. The update is free for all current users of FCP X and available through the Apple App Store. We’re updating our Essential Training course to include this version. In the meantime, here’s a rundown of things you need to know about the update.

First, FCP X 10.1 requires OSX Mavericks, so if you’re on an older system, you’ll need to download and update Mavericks before you can update FCP X. Mavericks is also a free update from Apple, and we’ve got a great course to get you up to speed with the new features of this latest OS from Apple. As with all updates, it’s crucial that you back up your important data before proceeding. I’ve had no problem on my system, but there have been reports of problems with Mavericks upgrades, and it’s always better safe than sorry!

standard setup

Apple has also changed the way FCP X handles media management. The old event-based system has been replaced with “Libraries” that can contain media, events, and even projects. This is a welcome change, and events are similar to Bins or Folders in other editing applications. Another great thing about the library system is that you don’t need to quit FCP X to move events around. Yay!

standard w projects in browser

Other new features include project snapshots for duplicating and saving versions of current projects, and the ability to add fades to individual audio channels. The Ken Burns effect can now be customized a bit more by adding or removing its ease-in and -out behaviors. If you have tons of bandwidth, you can share 4K video files directly to YouTube. There are also a multitude of “under the hood” performance enhancements, including some specifically targeted at the new MacPro machines.

Our current Final Cut Pro X Essential Training covers FCP X through version 10.0.9. Most of the course is valid—aside from Media Management, which is very different. Stay tuned for updated training in the new year.

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15 Responses to “Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Releases”

  1. Conor Ronan says:

    I upgraded today and had a problem with color assist (technicolor). (not recognise plug in)

    Any solution?

    • Eric says:

      As far as Color Assist, you may be out of luck. As you should should
      know, Color assist has been discontinued by Technicolor – actually quite a while ago.
      They do not support it or provide it – and it may well not be usable in FCP 10.1

      They have pulled out of the Color Grading arena months back.

  2. hariharan says:

    I was using FCP 7 and then when FCP 10 released due to all bad reviews and complete user interface change, it turned me off big time since I never liked iMovie interface personally. Fortunately I did not do any new projects, so i didn’t think of learning it nor finding an alternate tool. Now am doing a commercial, and almost half way learning Premiere Pro.

    Considering all the Adobe tools and round trip options along with Premiere Pro, and my existing knowledge of FCP 10,

    what toolset/workflow is best advisable? You got any recommendation? is it worth switching to Adobe or staying back in FCP? Please advise. Thanks!


    • Rob Garrott says:

      Hi Hariharan, there is no truly “right” answer to your questions. Both FCPX and Premiere Pro are very capable professional editing tools. That being said, though, they have very different workflows, and underlying ideology. For me personally, I prefer Premiere Pro. My main workstation is a PC, so theres no way to use FCPX on it. BUT I will say that with each update, FCPX gets closer and closer to the way I like to work. This latest update makes data management much much better, and I’ll be more likely to give it a try because of it. I’m writing this right now on a MacBook PRo, and that runs FCPX just fine with some extra drive and monitor space.

      So, getting back to your question, Try them both and see for yourself! that is really the only way to know for sure.

    • Kevin Mitchell says:


      My advise is that there is no answer that anyone can give you, because everyone is different. What is best for one person could be worst for another. What is best for you is not what is best for me. And there are always compromises, where there will be advantages and disadvantages in both systems that affect you, and only you.

      The best way for you to find an answer is to learn both with an open mind. FCP 7 and most other software are track-based, whereas FCP X is story lined based. I love FCP 10.1 – but that doesn’t make it right for you.

      I’m sorry, that doesn’t seem to be a helpful answer, but I think it’s a truthful answer.

    • Michael Madsen says:


      Stick to Adobe and forget all about Apples so called “pro” apps.

      Apple has proven time and time again that they have no long term commitment on the software front.

      Running a business, I need a solutions provider that is committed on the long haul. Also, the pricing of the CC package is extremely low considering what you get and roundtripping just get better and better. Upgrades and improvements keep rolling in at an impressive rate on CC.

      Speaking as someone with 15+ years pro experience with video and multimedia production using both Premiere and FCP.

      - hope it helps

      - Michael

  3. Diane Ragone says:

    Please update the training to 10.1 as soon as possible. “In the new year” sounds a bit vague.

    • Rob Garrott says:

      Diane, I understand your frustration. Sorry for the “vagueness” of the schedule… The timing of the release could not have been worse for us. The holidays combined with other course recording commitments means that we were caught completely off guard by this update. The nature of the update also means that we have to completely re-record the entire course. Because of the new look of the upper left corner of the interface, every single movie is affected.

      Please know that we’re working hard to get this course up to date!

  4. Kevin Mitchell says:

    I downloaded FCP 10.1 – it runs beautifully on my 4+ year old, bottom of the range iMac.

    BTW, I assembled a time-lapse in Motion 5 – dead easy (using Aperture to resize the photos first) – before importing into FCP.

    I mentioned this because when I followed along with the time-lapse tutorials, Quicktime 7 and some Adobe products were used. I already had Motion 5, but bought QT 7, not realising that it could be done in Motion 5 anyway.

  5. Robert Martindale says:

    Too little, Too late.

    FCP missed its chance. Premiere and AVID are both cross platform and great systems. Why would anyone tie themselves to just one OS?

    Gee, media management. Ya think?

  6. Eric Silva says:

    I’ve been using FCPX since October 2011 with my 2011 iMac 27″ inch, 16gb ram, 3.4ghz, i7 intel quad core,1gb HD display and 2TB HD.

    I must say to this latest version of FCPX the 10.1 running with Mavericks, it’s so much better and it runs 1000x faster when it comes to rendering. Before I upgraded it, I backed up all my projects and events folder into my external thunderbolt HDD,updated the library and I turned off the nap app in the FCPX icon, after I did all that, no problem at all or whatsoever. The new project libraries are well organized and other features are so amazing. I must say, in the near future, more and more cinema editors will switch to FCPX 10.1 once they try it out at least for a month and they will never go back to Avid, Premiere Pro, Smoke 2013 and Edius. That’s for sure!

  7. Robbie says:

    This unexpected update happened right during an project, must have accidentally clicked on ‘update over an hour’ and boom… chaos. Since then its terrible. No sounds, just iTunes. Found out I have to close FCP X, open Garageband, close it and then open FCP again. You have to do this EVERY TIME!
    Nothing from Apple about this serious bug.

    2nd: Now trying to Ken Burns a simple Jpeg and crash!!! Oh and of course reopening presents a whole new project, not the one I was working on, and yes, you guessed it no sounds again either.
    Please fix, my time is MONEY!

    • Hi, Robbie-
      Sorry to hear you’re having problems with updating. Be sure to let Apple know your situation on their Final Cut Pro support forums so they can address the issue- although we develop training for FCP X we can’t directly fix (or respond officially to) bugs you encounter in their software on your local system. Best of luck!

  8. Javier Chacin says:

    Hey folks, any updates on when you imagine you’ll have the update up?

    • Rob Garrott says:

      Hi Javier, no official release date yet. Ashley is working hard even as I write this to get all the movies re-recorded and updated so that everything matches up. It’s a big task and we’re working as fast as we can. Thanks for your patience!

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