Prepare for a Multi-camera Shoot: DSLR Video Tips

Published by | Friday, December 13th, 2013

Multi-camera shoots

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Last week we explored the benefits of shooting with multiple cameras for a professional video project. It turns out there’s a lot involved when setting up a shoot with multiple DSLR’s- preparation and planning are key. Finding the location that works for you is important, and lighting it for multiple cameras is a challenge.

On this week’s show, Robbie and Rich walk you through the key elements for a multiple DSLR camera shoot. They’re joined by Director of Photography Jim Ball for additional tips. You’ll learn the following:

Preparing for a Multiple DSLR Camera Shoot. Learn what to think about before you shoot. Multi-camera is all about planning.
Scouting the Location. Walk through a venue and learn to spot potential problems–and opportunities.
Lighting for Multiple Cameras. Figure out how to work with available light and position new lights inconspicuously to enhance the scene.
A DP’s Perspective on Multi-camera Lighting. Learn how a director of photography approaches a multi-camera production.
Matching Cameras. You need to preserve seamless cuts between angles. Learn what needs to be done before you shoot.

Check out both the sample video above and this week’s complete episode on We’ll help you get the best performance, and make editing a breeze.

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