Building better relationships: Management Tips

Published by | Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Trust is the heart and soul of leadership. I’ve been told more than once that to understand leadership, you need to understand decision making and strategy, and that’s true—but these skills are wasted if you don’t first understand trust.

In my first tip this week, I’ll show you how trust moves a team from mere compliance to real commitment. When people trust you, they

• feel comfortable taking risks on your behalf, and being vulnerable to you;
• believe in the quality of your ideas; and
• will spend time helping others get on board with your decisions.

For the second tip this week, I’ll address one of the more fascinating steps along the journey toward building trust: avoiding the blame game. Blame is a dirty little habit that allows you to easily shirk responsibility, and although it can be very effective, it’s destructive to both your reputation and your power base at work.

In the end, the most successful teams always have high-quality interpersonal relationships. When blame fades and trust rises to new levels in its place, your team’s talents are amplified, and they can collectively make the leap from a good team to a great one.

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