Location based reminders on the iPhone: Monday Productivity Pointers

Published by | Monday, November 18th, 2013

Using location-aware alerts with Siri

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One of my favorite Siri features is the ability to have a reminder pop up when you arrive at or leave a specific location. You can simply tell Siri, “Remind me when I get to my mom’s house to ask her about the party invitation.” The next time you drive up to your parents’ house, a reminder will pop up on your screen as soon as you pull into the driveway.

Using this as a starting point, you can easily extend its use to local businesses that you frequent. You can have a reminder with your grocery list pop up when you arrive at your favorite market. You can be reminded to grab that gift certificate from the glove box when pulling up to a restaurant, or sync up your Evernote account before stepping into a client’s office. The possibilities are endless.

The trick is to first use the Maps app to save your most frequently visited places into your contacts. From there, it’s easy to step your way into location based reminders. I’ll show you exactly how easy it is in my first Monday Productivity Pointers video this week.

In the second (members-only) video, I’ll take location awareness to the next level, showing how you can geofence” your friends—that is, create a virtual boundary so you’ll be notified when those friends arrive at or leave a certain location. Check out this week’s videos to make the most of your iPhone’s location services, and check back next week for more Monday Productivity Pointers.

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