Cleaning up a crummy product shot: Deke’s Techniques

Published by | Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Cleaning up a poor product shot

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If you’re selling something on Craigslist or eBay or even documenting possessions for insurance purposes, you want to make your stuff looks its best. But if your camera or lighting isn’t up to snuff, the images can be a little grainy and distorted. What to do? Deke McClelland faced this same challenge recently, and he’s here to share the solution with you.

Inspiration for this technique struck during the tutorial Deke was making on attaching a GoPro camera to a bicycle’s rear wheel. He took a photo of the necessary equipment with a camera he had on hand, but was disappointed with the results. Then he realized he could clean the image up in Adobe Photoshop. Watch today’s free Deke’s Techniques video to learn how to use the Reduce Noise, Camera Raw filter, and Magic Wand in Photoshop CC to make your product shot look more professional.

Watch the tutorial here: members can visit the library to find out how to scale and rotate individual items in the product shot—almost seamlessly. Next week’s free video shows how to convert a hand-drawn sketch into professional-quality vector-based artwork in Illustrator. Stay tuned.

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