Recent changes to the Google navigation bar

Published by | Monday, November 11th, 2013

The new Google app menu

If you use multiple Google Apps, such as Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, and YouTube, you might have noticed that the way you switch between products on Google product pages has recently changed.

Previously, the list of Google Apps could be found in a black bar across the top left of the page; you could easily switch between the various apps this way. Last week the black bar disappeared, but don’t worry—you can still toggle back and forth quickly between Google apps.

A new icon now appears in the top right of all Google Apps pages (except YouTube). It looks like a small grid, and is located next to your Google user name. Clicking this icon will bring up a list of all the apps you can get to.

There’s one more slight change in the recent update. You now have the ability to switch between a standard Google account and a Google Apps for Business account (if, for example, you have a Gmail account for your work, and a personal account, as well). Previously you had to click a dropdown arrow next to your avatar on the top right of the screen to either add the other account or switch between accounts. Now you simply click on the avatar itself and the same “Add account” dialog will appear.

For more details on all of these changes in context, be sure to watch the movies below.

Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube are registered trademarks and Google Apps is a trademark of Google Inc.

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