Advancing your career: Management Tips

Published by | Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

This week we’ll talk about earning your next promotion and raise.  The secret is not about building up enough courage to ask for what you want; it’s about thoughtful planning that lets you experience more wins and helps others do the same. It’s about turning yourself into a much better candidate for promotion.

Some people believe that if they hang out long enough at a job, they’ll get a promotion or at least a good raise. This sense of entitlement has become widespread in organizations and is often associated with the “Participation Trophy Generation.” Critics argue that the parenting trend from the last couple of decades of offering constant positive affirmation to kids has created a whole generation of people who were brought up receiving trophies just for showing up to play on a team. Now these Millennials have entered the workforce and seem to expect a promotion, raise, or at least a lot of praise just for doing their basic jobs.

Don’t be like them. Stop thinking about what you’re owed. Instead, think about what you can do to meet the needs of the team, your boss, and the organization. Start mapping out a path that makes you more promotable. What are the skills and accomplishments you should be chasing? Watch this week’s tips to get started.

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