Turn yourself into a zombie: Deke’s Techniques

Published by | Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


The success of this year’s summer blockbuster World War Z proves that zombies are popular year-round—but around Halloween, they’re spook-tacularly trendy.

Learn how to transform a standard movie monster makeup job into a realistic zombie portrait with Photoshop and the one and only Deke McClelland, in this episode of Deke’s Techniques. This technique takes advantage of Liquify, Gaussian Blur, and Smart Filters in Photoshop CC.

Watch this week’s free video to learn how to turn yourself into a zombie and tell us about your favorite zombie movie or television show in the comments.

How to turn yourself into a zombie using Photoshop

Head to the lynda.com library to find out how to finish off the image with a depth-of-field effect and some additional texture.

Waiting for another free technique? Next week Deke teaches us how to create “ghoulish” type—perfect for Halloween decorations and invites.

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