How to offer an apology: Management Tips

Published by | Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

If you push hard in your career, you will eventually — and hopefully unintentionally — rub someone the wrong way. If you really mess things up or ruffle someone’s feathers, you need to know how to say I’m sorry.

The ability to offer a sincere apology can quickly turn an uncomfortable situation around and help get you back on track.

Most people aren’t good about sensing when they’ve upset others and, worse still, when they do, they don’t always want to apologize. Apologies are not, as some assume, a sign of weakness.

When you offer an effective apology, it shows respect and maturity. It indicates your desire to fix things, own up to your faults, and move on productively. The elements that constitute a great apology are the focus of this weeks first management tip.

My second tip this week builds on the first by addressing the broader issue of fixing your mistakes at work. Let’s be honest: We all make mistakes and find ourselves needing to apologize from time to time. Watch this week’s tips and find out why your mistakes don’t have to be painful; in fact, they just might become invaluable learning moments.

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