Unsticking your team: Management Tips

Published by | Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
Unsticking your team

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Keeping a team at peak performance is tough. You can staff correctly, provide your team with crystal clear directions, and give everyone the resources they need to succeed—but sometimes they’ll still get stuck! When your team’s performance reaches a plateau, you’ve got to refocus on motivating them.

You’ll know a team is stuck when you see no significant progress for weeks on its key goals, principled debate edging toward unproductive arguments, or one or two team members constantly dominating the group’s conversations. If left unaddressed, morale and trust can quickly erode and the overall productivity of your team will flatline.

Don’t worry; you can get your team moving again. That’s the focus of the first tip this week: How to get your team unstuck.

The second, members-only tip is a perfect complement: How to effectively coach your team with ongoing, supportive communication. Effective day-to-day coaching will reduce the need for getting unstuck!

Is your team stuck right now? If you’re not sure, then it probably is. Team members might also be coasting—which is itself a form of being stuck. In either case, remember that effective communication and motivation form the foundations of great leadership. Watch this week’s videos to get an edge on leading your team through its roadblocks, and be sure to check back next week for more Management Tips.

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