A different take on burnout: Management Tips

Published by | Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

A different take on job burnout

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This week I’d like to talk about professional burnout: a state of complete mental and physical exhaustion that makes you seriously question what you’re doing in life. You can’t quite get yourself to get out of bed. You linger over breakfast even though you know you’re already late. You endure that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach as you walk across the office parking lot. Burnout is horrible, and usually explained by a bad boss relationship or poor fit with your role, combined with excessive hours.

This week’s lesson gives you a few ideas you can use to help your team avoid burnout and achieve balance in your professional life. But before you watch the video, let me challenge you personally. Can you recall the last time you experienced burnout?

The better you fit in your job, the harder it is to feel burnout no matter how many hours you work. “Fit” is whether you feel naturally aligned with the work, based on your skills and abilities.

The second, members-only lesson this week will also help you avoid unnecessary burnout. It’s about learning to say no, one of the most undervalued time management tools available to you. Envision your career with a strong fit and a manageable schedule, and get started on it right away with this week’s Management Tip.

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