How to shoot a product shot: DSLR Video Tips

Published by | Friday, August 30th, 2013

Take better product shots with DSLR Video Tips

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Cars, phones, computers, clothes, and food are just a few examples of the plethora of products presented to us every day on TV and on the Internet. For commercials and many corporate videos, a product is the primary focus of the shot, so getting it to look its best should be your number one mission when shooting these types of projects.

Getting great product shots benefits from experience—but also a willingness to try new things with camera mounts, lighting, and motion. This week we’ll explore how to get a great product shot, including

• Why product shots are important

• How to build a backdrop, and use it to highlight a product

• The use of compact lighting to properly expose and feature items

• The importance of cleaning, to avoid finger prints and dust on products

• Using a macro lens to capture close-up details

• Using a turntable to add motion to a shot and capture the item from different angles.

Watch the excerpt below–and the rest of this week’s episode at–to be prepared the next time you book a product shot.

Remember, each week’s entire DSLR Video Tips episode is free for seven days, so tell all your video and photography friends to check it out.

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