5 tips to improve your leadership

Published by | Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Be a better leader.

Great leadership comes with practice and purpose—so today I’m sharing five free videos from our training library with tips you can apply immediately to become a better leader.

1. Know your vision

Clarity of vision and values is where great leadership begins. What do you believe in, and how does that translate into the way you run your team, division, or company? Check out Leadership Fundamentals and let Britt Andreatta help you get in touch with your vision and values:

2. Find your inner coach

As a leader, you wear many hats—that of manager, cheerleader, coach, friend, and mentor, to name a few. An ability to coach your employees through challenging situations and all the way to their highest potential is what sets leaders apart. Learn how to give feedback that focuses on future growth in this video from Coaching and Developing Employees with Lisa Gates:

3. Nurture innovation and creativity

Creative organizations are those where employees can tinker, innovate, play, and propel the business forward with their ideas. Learn how to nurture creativity and innovation and how these qualities will drive your performance over time in Nancy Napier’s course, Building Creative Organizations:

4. Develop emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence means being in tune with your emotions and those of others. The best leaders use emotional intelligence to gauge the temperature of any situation and guide conversations and decisions in productive ways, even when stress or tension are high. Learn more about emotional intelligence in this video from Britt Andreatta’s Leading with Emotional Intelligence:

5. Connect across the organization

Working with employees, other leaders, and executives is a key part of establishing your presence in an organization. Don’t be shy about asking executives for their perspective on issues or new ideas that come to mind. Discover how to connect with executives who are pressed for time in John Ullmen’s course, Connecting with Executives:

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  1. steve werner says:

    Great tips

    finding your inner coach is so essential- luckily I do it well!!

    I’ll be looking out for more of your stuff


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