Management Tips: Check your assumptions!

Published by | Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
Be a leader, not a micromanager!

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In my first weekly episode of Management Tips, I’ll examine the perils of micromanaging. Many bosses are overcontrolling: instead of focusing on defining great outcomes for their team to achieve, they go further and define and monitor how the work is completed. Most of the time that’s the wrong move; the goal is to manage outcomes, not the process.

When you overcontrol the process, you’re not helping as much as you think. What you’re doing is relying on dangerous assumptions about your team. You assume they need to be watched. You assume they can’t be trusted, and perhaps that you’re smarter then they are. You assume that something will go wrong if you don’t intervene frequently—and quite often these assumptions are simply wrong.

Instead, choose to be successful and earn your team’s respect. You can do that by adopting a different set of assumptions: that your hiring system is decent, you staffed the team correctly, your guidance is sound, and you have more pressing matters to address. Now that’s a set of assumptions that will get you focused on moving forward with work that only you can do.

The time to micromanage is when your team gives you great cause—never before.

Here’s another common assumption: that you only manage your staff. Wrong! Watch this week’s members-only video to find out why the most important person you’ll ever manage is your own boss.

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