Create a bobblehead effect: InDesign FX

Published by | Thursday, August 1st, 2013

This week marks the release of the final two videos in the InDesign FX series. And to say au revoir, I have an especially fun free video to share on creating a bobblehead effect. In the video, I show how to use Adobe InDesign animation tools to make the heads of an adorable pair of furry animals gently rock back and forth, just like a real bobblehead doll.

I know it’s very unlikely that you ever wished you knew how to create this effect in InDesign. But I hope you’ll watch the video and try it out—for two reasons. First, it’s pure fun and I’m sure you can get a laugh from your friends or coworkers by turning them into bobbleheads (or try some celebrity photos as source material). Second, this silly little project serves as a reminder of the main ideas I hoped to get across in the InDesign FX series: namely, to let your imagination run free, to push your tools to make them do the unexpected, and to create memorable visuals that are easy and fun to make.

I also have a new member-exclusive video in the library this week called Creating a lighted sign. With the techniques shown in the video, you can really put your name (or anything else) up in lights!


Finally, I’m proud to say there are now over 100 InDesign FX videos in the library. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching them as much as I’ve enjoyed making and sharing them. And if you missed any, be sure to go back and check them out. Even with InDesign CC, every single one of the effects can be created as shown in the videos.

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Sean says:

    Nice tutorial! Can’t wait to try with both of my cats

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