Getting to appointments: Monday Productivity Pointers

Published by | Monday, July 29th, 2013

Using Tempo Smart Calendar

This week I’m focusing on getting you to your appointments on time using two mobile apps that have become crucial to my day-to-day work: Tempo Smart Calendar and Twist.

Tempo Smart Calendar is an iPhone app that combines your email inbox, calendar, and maps to build a customized calendar for you. For example, if you have a flight scheduled, you can tap the calendar entry to see if it’s on time. You can also directly dial into conference calls, ¬including any long conference codes required to get in. If you have an appointment with a client, Tempo Smart Calendar will try to find emails in your mailbox related to that appointment, keeping all the info you’ll need just a tap away.

In the video below, I’ll focus on getting you to your appointments. Tempo Smart Calendar contains a feature that allows you to easily notify your meeting participants if you’re running late with only a few taps.

The second, members-only video focuses on one of my favorite mobile apps, Twist.

Twist is a one-time tracker app for iOS and Android devices that lets you specify people who you’re meeting with—such as family members, friends, or clients—so they can track your progress the entire way. Twist takes traffic conditions and current speed into consideration, and gives the other person a continuously updated range of time in which you’ll likely arrive. Not only is Twist handy for knowing when guests will arrive at your house (particularly useful if you’re trying to time a dinner), but you can also request that your contacts send a Twist before they leave their current location—so even if they don’t remember to send you a Twist, you can still anticipate their arrival time.

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