Applying corner options to any shape: InDesign Secrets

Published by | Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Are you struggling to draw smooth curves in Adobe InDesign? Learn how to use the Corner Options to create clean Bézier curves without fighting the Pen tool, this week in InDesign Secrets.

You may know how to apply corner options to shapes and text frames; you select the object and and then choose Object > Corner Options or use the menu in the Control panel. The menu includes options like Rounded, Bevel, and even Fancy. Changing the radius values allows you to perfect the shape of the corner. Turn on the Preview check box to see your changes in action.

Figure 1

This use of Corner Options is pretty standard. But did you know you can apply them to paths as well? This allows you to create more complex paths than most people are able to draw by hand. Simply select a path with corners and choose your desired Corner Option. Add more anchor points with the Pen tool and move them to create more curves (or bevels or ornamentation, etc.) along your path.

Figure 2

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