Reorganizing Deke’s Techniques

Published by | Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

For the past two and a half years, Deke McClelland has been creating amazing effects and techniques each week—and feedback from members has been overwhelmingly positive.

Episodes of Deke’s Techniques have piled up, and as you can see below, the table of contents has become incredibly long.

Deke's Techniques Table of Content as it was

Let’s break things up
So as of today, we’ve decided to simplify things.
First we’ve split up the course by year to make the it easier to navigate. Seeing a list of 240+ movies/techniques can be overwhelming, but breaking it up into smaller courses makes it less intimidating. Videos published in the current calendar year will always be found in the plainly-titled Deke’s Techniques course. Movies from previous years will be archived with their year, titled like this:

Deke’s Techniques: 2011 (contains movies 001 – 090)
Deke’s Techniques: 2012 (contains movies 091 – 184)
Deke’s Techniques (contains 185 – present)

Each year will have the exercise files available as one large .zip file along with individual .zip exercise files. Older techniques using older software will still be available, but not directly grouped with the latest releases.

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One Response to “Reorganizing Deke’s Techniques

  1. James Fritz says:

    Thank you for the feedback Christopher, we really appreciate it.

    I agree with you that we would like to be able to present Deke’s Techniques and other content in a way so you can sort it by program, difficultly, and topic. We are currently investigating ways to do that.


    James Fritz

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