DSLR Video Tips: How Do I Shoot in Small Places?

Published by | Friday, July 12th, 2013

Have you checked out the new and enhanced DSLR Video Tips series? lynda.com authors Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman head out into the field weekly to explore practical tips for all levels of shooters.

In this week’s episode, we tackle shooting in small places. You’ll learn how we get great shots where there’s very little room to fit a crew.

Learn how small lights can be hidden in plain sight to illuminate your subject without getting into the shot.

• Learn how to use small lights to shoot in small places. LED lighting along with batteries pull off great light inside a car.

• We walk through how to use wide-angle lenses to shoot in small places. Learn how affordable prime lenses can open up a scene to fit more action. We also demo how a GoPro camera can give you more options for shooting in tight quarters.

• We’ll look at options to mount cameras to windows and smooth surfaces, including mini tripods and GorillaPods for positioning cameras into cracks and gaps.

• Learn how to use an ad hoc Wi-Fi network to control cameras wirelessly. We’ll also show one of our favorite new tools—the CamRanger—for adjusting, focusing, and controlling a DSLR with an iPad.

• After the shoot, we’ll look at the raw results, straight from the camera. You’ll see what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve the shot next time.

We’ve got a bunch of great stuff as we go out into the field. We’re joined by special guest Kevin Bradley, and take you onto a real-world shoot behind the scenes of a music video for musician Jason Masi.

Remember, each week’s episode is free for 7 days. So tell all your video and photography friends to check it out, and try the show for free.

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